On June 18, 2022, the Samaritans gathered in Kėdainii to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the community. A considerable group of community members from various cities of Lithuania gathered. The mayor of the city, Valentinas Tamulis, also came to congratulate the Samaritans. They celebrated and thanked the Samaritans for their work. Welcome speeches were given by representatives of departments. We were all happy that the community has been alive and developing for a long time.

During the commemoration, Dovilė Pašakinskienė, Genovaitė Karvelienė, Vida Sereikienė, Valė Šerkšniovienė and Laima Juselienė were awarded medals of the Samaritan. Medals are awarded for meritorious work in the Lithuanian Samaritan Community.

So we congratulate each other and are happy about our achievements and work done.


The Samaritans of Jurbarkas have been in a hurry to do good for 30 years

On Saturday, May 28, the Lithuanian Samaritan Jurbarkas Region Community celebrated its 30th anniversary. The charity currently has 72 members in Jurbarkas.

Many Samaritans from Jurbarkas were awarded for their active work and sincere help. Letters of thanks were presented by Skirmantas Mockevičius, Mayor of Jurbarkas District, Sonata Patkauskaitė, President of the Lithuanian Samaritan Community, and Kristina Vančienė, Chairwoman of the Jurbarkas Regional Community. Antanas Juozas Kazakevičius, an Honorary Citizen of the Jurbarkas District, a long-time former chairman of the Jurbarkas district, and Česlovas Meškauskas, the elder of Raudonė, gave greetings and shared their memories.

On the occasion of this honorable anniversary, the community of the region was greeted at the Jurbarkas Library by guests from Kėdainiai, Klaipėda, Kaunas, Kelmė, a guest from Germany, as well as Heinz Puttlitz, an Honorary Citizen of Jurbarkas District, and others.

“One of the largest charity organizations in Jurbarkas, which has nine children’s day care centers, has the largest support network,” said Mayor S. Mackevičius about the Jurbarkas charity organization. He also recalled that among the few Honorary citizens of the district, even two are Samaritans. “It shows the maturity and weight of this organization,” he said.

 The Lithuanian Samaritan Jurbarkas Region Community is a charitable public organization that has been running social, care, support, integration, psychological, social rehabilitation, day care, children’s summer employment and other programs for thirty years, uniting Lithuanian citizens, regardless of their profession, partisan or religious beliefs.

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Hydrangea for our Kelmei

It is already becoming a tradition to plant hydrangeas in Kelmė every spring. Various organizations are participating in the campaign. The campaign is organized and brought together by Janina Skeberdienė, a member of the district municipal council. We Samaritans are also involved. We made our contribution to the decoration of the city of Kelmė.


Provision of voluntary assistance and other social services to persons at social risk and their family members, refugees and their family members

Support for Samaritans and firefighters in Ukraine

The Samaritans of Kelmė, in cooperation with the volunteer fire brigade of Kelmė district, took a bus full of humanitarian aid to the Ukrainians. We went to the Polish city of Rzeszow in two. Saulius Mockus, chairman of the LSB Samaritan Division, and Edvardas Globys, an employee of the Fire and Rescue Service. We took more than a day to travel. Rzeszów is about 800 km from Kelmė. There we had a brief conversation with the representatives of Ukraine, who came to pick up support and travel back.

During the war in Ukraine and seeing firefighters extinguishing day and night, they were missing ammunition, we gave them help. Our firefighters were transporting special suits from the Dutch city of Hardenberg to protect Ukraine from chemical weapons. For Ukrainians, this is significant support as Putinists are trying to occupy nuclear power plants in Ukraine. We also carried our charity, which the people brought to the Samaritan headquarters on February 27th.

The situation in Ukraine is very tense. We communicated with representatives from Western Ukraine. There is now a huge influx of people there because there is no war going on in this area. In addition, people who are preparing to leave for safe foreign countries are flocking to the western part of Ukraine. The people of Ukraine want access to the safer countries of the European Union next to it to be as easy as possible.

Слава Україні


War in Ukraine

We can no longer (only) put into words what is happening in Europe. The war in Ukraine has forced all civilized people to speak briefly and to act in a coordinated, responsible and purposeful manner.

The Lithuanian Samaritan Association met with the Samaritan communities operating in the EU countries, discussed the most important emphases of assistance to the people of Ukraine and has already started working.

Samaritans from all over Europe are concentrating their efforts to help the countries, Ukraine’s neighbors (Poland, Romania, etc.), which are currently being visited by people fleeing the war. The support package is large: clothes, food, hygiene items, volunteers, money.

At the same time, intensive preparations are under way to receive the Ukrainian people in the countries to which they will arrive later (Lithuania, Latvia, etc.). The Lithuanian Samaritan Community, in cooperation with other NGOs, is doing everything possible to ensure that the arriving Ukrainians can settle in Lithuania comfortably.

Ways are also being sought to provide support to the Samaritan community in Ukraine to help those remaining in the war zone.

There was no time left for conversations. All that remains is the determination and ambition of all of us to help the people of Ukraine.

Everyone who wants to contribute to the Lithuanian Samaritans with their work, money or items and at the same time help the people of Ukraine, we invite you to contact the LSB branch in your district, city.

Or to the Lithuanian Samaritan Community by phone: +370 614 54563
E- mail email:

In the attic of kindness in the Kelmė branch of the LSB

The local press writes about our attic on the front page.
Newspaper “Bičiulis”, February 26, 2022. (Rita Ščiglinskienė)

Article text:

In the attic of kindness

Saulius Mockus, the chairman of the Kelmė branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan Community, invited him to take a look around the newly equipped premises in the Kelmė Samaritan Community House. He said: it is extremely fun that there are many wonderful and kind people in the ranks of the Samaritans who follow the motto of the entire Lithuanian Samaritan organization – “Let’s hurry to do good”. Thanks to the efforts of the Samaritans of Kelmė, in cooperation with the field gallery of Jurgita and Andrius Seselskas AJJU, the “Attic of Kindness” appeared in the house of the Samaritan Community of Kelmė.

The “Attic of Kindness” is a space where coffee and tea will be served, sharing not only the cake, but also thoughts, ideas about the Samaritans’ current and future activities, work, and the role of the family in all of our lives. Jurgita and Andrius Seselskai say that today’s period and the surrounding environment have a huge impact on a person’s understanding of what family means to him. Because of it, a person can become strong not in a physical but in a spiritual sense. The family can cultivate the feeling that only when your family members are happy and you feel happy yourself. In the Attic of Kindness, we want to create a family environment, share goodness through art and solve social problems. And Saulius Mockus, the chairman of the Kelmė branch of the LSB, reminds that the houses of the Samaritan community in Kelmė are also called the community houses of the district.

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The people of Kelmiškis had to take into account both this slogan of the Lithuanian Samaritan community and the good work done by the members of the Kelmė branch, as it is not a one-time flash of any action, but a constant, targeted support to the people of the district. More recently, we have invited you to “Kindness Days”, now we have given walkers to those who really need them: as many as 45 walkers have been given – mostly to seniors or those waiting for knee or hip surgery. Such a beautiful job would not have been possible without the Samaritans of the German ASB RV Stormarn-Segeberg who brought them, without the Samaritan volunteers from Kelmiškis, who washed, cleaned and tidied up the walkers. S. Mockus, the chairman of the association of Kelmė branch, is also happy with the nice cooperation with Kelmė St. Parish of the Assumption of Mary: kleb. dec. liturg. lic. Mindaugas Grigalius announced this campaign during the services, and allowed a tent to be erected in the cemetery – the weather did not pamper the volunteers.

There are many more beautiful ideas in the Samaritans’ plans: children and young people are still waiting for board games, and so on. distribution of toys, other help and support work for the elderly.

It is up to Kelmiškis to follow our ads and share information.


Kindness Week Events “Kindness Swings on Angel’s Wings”

Article from Šiauliai Julius Janonis Gymnasium website

2021 “Kindness Week” took place in the gymnasium on December 20-23. These four days were meant to remember those around us and feel the spirit of Christmas.

Monday is the day of the gift. Throughout the school, Samaritans laid out baskets of candy and students were invited to take the candy and give it to a friend.

Tuesday is Christmas Day. A poster hung on the front door on which high school students could write greetings and wishes to the school community. The young Samaritans also sent Christmas cards to the high school teachers and seniors.

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