Goodness always favors the wind

On January 25, the day of the Lithuanian Samaritan community, he gave windmills to his partners and said: “Goodness is always favored by the wind.” On January 27, the wind of kindness “brought” all the Samaritans to Jurbarkas. It’s never boring in the company of good people, so this meeting was full of stories about the work done, laughter, warm hugs and thanks.

On the occasion of the Samaritan Community Day, the sign of the Good Samaritan was presented to Saulius Mock, chairman of LSB Kelmė branch, Jolita Stankaitiene, chairman of LSB Ukmergės branch, volunteers of LSB Šiauliai branch Regina Urniežiene and Izolina Natalija Lingiene. The badge of honor is awarded for active Samaritan activity, good works carried out for at least ten years. Congratulations again colleagues.

And during the gathering, we congratulated the chairman of the Jurbarkas branch, Kristina Vančienė, who celebrated her beautiful, mature anniversary that day.

Community blooms only when it is nurtured with care.

Implementation of the project “Good emotional mental health – the real power of leadership”

Šiauliai branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan community in 2023 implemented the project “Good emotional mental health – the real power of a leader” financed by Šiauliai city municipality. The main goal of the project is to strengthen the emotional and mental health of teenagers and young people, involving as many young people as possible in active activities, developing leadership and social-emotional intelligence. In order to achieve this goal, engaging lectures were organized on the topics of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, development of social skills, and leadership. Lecturers gave lectures on various topics. One of them is “What is my self-esteem and self-image?” In this lecture, young people looked into their self-image, strengthened their personal self-esteem and looked for ways to properly shape their personality. Another lecture “How do I feel in the team?” Essential principles of team formation” made it possible to work in a team, to recognize one’s strengths and aspects to be improved. The principles of team formation helped to perform practical tasks in teams, to try new methods and methods, to make decisions, to be more confident in oneself and others. During the summative lecture “How does my emotional-spiritual health relate to leadership?”, practical, self-reflection tasks encouraged young people to look for connections between their emotional-spiritual health and leadership. During all meetings, teenagers and young people not only listened to lectures, but also completed practical tasks. Each young person could get to know himself better, communicate with his peers, and look for ways to cooperate with other young people. The acquired methodological materials and tools will help to further strengthen the emotional and mental health of young people, create opportunities for young people to continue activities and join support groups, to form responsible and active young people who take responsibility for themselves and the community.

Danutė KRATUKIENĖ, chairperson of the Šiauliai branch

Wings of kindness for the Presidency

As time passes uncontrollably, the most meaningful holidays of the year are approaching. On this occasion, the Lithuanian Samaritan community received an invitation to join the warm Christmas community tradition organized by the first lady, Diana Nausėdienė. For the third year now, institutions and non-governmental organizations are invited to actively contribute to the creation of Christmas symbols and to join the “Angel Wings” campaign. With this initiative, the community of Lithuanian Samaritans focused on community, meaningful and fun creative activity, while dreaming of freedom and peace, security and the opportunity to fly towards the dream.

We sincerely thank Silvija Dranžilauskaita, the chairwoman of the Samaritans branch of our community, Marijampolė region, who initiated this great campaign in our community.

Christmas tree decorations – symbolic angel wings were made by Marijampolė, Kelmė and Klaipėda branches of the Lithuanian Samaritan community.

Let these white wings symbolize the power of our creativity, the invincible power of Love, the pursuit of freedom and peace, optimism and the determination and ability of our people to overcome great challenges as we fly towards our Dreams.


The first lady’s meeting in Kelmė with the members of the Kelmė branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan community

In the middle of October, the first lady Diana Nausėdienė visited the Kelmė Samaritan community with the team of the Presidency. In an hour-long warm conversation, the first lady was interested in the interests and achievements of the visitors of the Samaritan children’s day center “Draugystė”, awarded the children with sweet gifts, played a game of table tennis with some of them, and took pictures together. Later, over a cup of tea, there was a sincere conversation with the active Samaritans from Kelm. The history of the founding of the Samaritan community was told, the most important persons involved in LSB activities from the beginning were remembered, the activities and services provided to residents of Kelmė district were presented. The first lady was greatly impressed by the good works done by the Samaritans, and the main wish was not to stop and continue to Hurry to do good!

Photos of the Office of the President of the Republic of Lithuania/ Eitvydas Kinaitis


German partners have been providing assistance abroad for 40 years

The German partners of Kelme Samaritans celebrated the 40th anniversary of foreign aid.

On that occasion, a Samaritan delegation from Kelme visited the ASB RV Stormarn-Segeberg organization in Bad Oldesloe.

During the celebration, the good deeds done were remembered, and the deserving volunteer Samaritans were awarded. For the guests from Lithuania, our colleagues organized excellent trips to the Kalkberg Caves in Bad Segeberg, Hamburg’s pride – “Miniature Wonderland”, we visited the city of Bad Oldesloe, and of course we were interested in the work of the Samaritans.

How much has been done together! We are proud to have such partners!


LSB Kelmė branch joined the project “Complex services (KOPA)”

The Kelmė branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan community joined the project “Complex services (KOPA)” no. 07-007-P-0001 and together with the project manager – the European Social Fund Agency – and other social service institutions in Lithuania will provide complex services to the family.

Complex services for the family include:

  • individual and/or group counseling for persons experiencing difficulties in their personal life and/or family;
  • organizing and conducting mutual support groups for persons who have experienced difficulties in their personal life and/or family;
  • organizing and conducting social skills groups for children and teenagers;
  • parenting training;
  • family mediation;
  • family counseling at a person’s (family’s) home – counseling at a person’s (family’s) home after the birth of a baby, when a disability and/or special needs have been identified for a person;
  • shuttle services for individuals (families) receiving complex services;
  • childcare services, when other complex services are provided to parents.

These services are intended to help individuals, families and communities avoid possible social problems and social risks, by developing and strengthening the abilities of individuals to independently solve social problems and maintain social relations with society. The project is implemented with 67 project partners (social institutions), which provide comprehensive services in 60 municipalities.

It is planned that complex services will be provided to 80,126 persons by 2029. Out of them, 800 unique persons are planned to receive services in the municipality of Kelmė district.

In Kelmė district municipality, services will be provided in Community Family Houses of Kelmė district.

 📆 Project duration: 2023 June – 2029 July

💎 Project financing amount: EUR 60,018,043.84. Up to EUR 586,129.80 has been allocated from the project to the Kelmė branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan Community .

The project is financed in 2021-2027. European Union structural support “European Social Fund +” and 2021-2027 European Union structural support with co-financing funds.

More information about the project:…/kompleksines-paslaugos/1139


Complex services for the family in the Kelme district


in 2023 March 31 the project “Complex services for the family” has ended

In March 2017, the project “Complex services for the family” was launched at the initiative of the Kelmė district municipality. The Kelmė branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan community became a project partner. Individual and group psychologist consultations, family skills development and socio-cultural services, positive parenting training, child care, transport to activities, personal assistant help were provided.
in 2023 March 31 this project is over. We can be happy with the results – during the entire project period, 1342 residents of the municipality used various complex family services.

With St. Easter!

Spring light, joy of sharing, abundance of colors, strength of health and LOVE in everyone’s heart. Such St. We wish everyone a personal Easter. Nature has awakened, let our souls also awaken: to life and joy.


Our day

The calendar page today (January 25) reminds everyone about the Lithuanian Samaritan community. This day is not for talking about our work. This day is to remind people again and again that there is an organization whose volunteers, employees of departments (we have 18 of them in Lithuania), and managers are always ready to extend a hand to the elderly, disabled, and people who have not passed the tests of fate.

We are in a hurry! We are in a hurry to help the lonely. We hurry to feed the hungry. We are in a hurry to bring joy to children in Children’s Day Centers. We rush to the aid of persons who fled the horrors of war and provide assistance to those who remain in Ukraine. We are in a hurry to do good!

The calendar reminds you that almost one and a half thousand volunteers are ready to rebuild their shoulder so that you have something to lean on.

With the Day of Kindness, we congratulate everyone: the Samaritans themselves and those people for whom the Samaritans are already a support in their lives and those who have not yet dared to ask for help. We need each other very much.

President of the Lithuanian Samaritan Society Sonata