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Kindness Week Events “Kindness Swings on Angel’s Wings”

Article from Šiauliai Julius Janonis Gymnasium website https://jjanonis.lt/gerumo-savaites-renginiai-ant-angelo-sparnu-gerumas-supasi-2/ 2021 “Kindness Week” took place in the gymnasium on December 20-23. These four days were meant to remember those around us and feel the spirit of Christmas. Monday is the day of the gift. Throughout the school, Samaritans laid out baskets of candy and students were invited …

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Hurry to do good or who are the Samaritans?

Article from Etaplius portal https://www.etaplius.lt/skubekime-darija-gera-arba-kas-yra-samarieciai The Lithuanian Samaritan Community is an organization that has been active for three decades and has more than a thousand volunteers. The organization started taking the first steps in Kelmė. In this district, on the initiative of the elected member of the Seimas of the White Memory Antanas Račas, who …

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Jubilee meeting of Samaritans in Šiauliai

2022 On January 28, a meeting of the Samaritans took place at the Pastoral Center of Šiauliai Diocese. This meeting was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Samaritans of the Šiauliai branch. Sonata Patkauskienė, President of the Lithuanian Samaritan Association, senior Samaritans and young Samaritans came to the celebration. The meeting began with a …

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