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With St. Easter!

Spring light, joy of sharing, abundance of colors, strength of health and LOVE in everyone’s heart. Such St. We wish everyone a personal Easter. Nature has awakened, let our souls also awaken: to life and joy.  

Our day

The calendar page today (January 25) reminds everyone about the Lithuanian Samaritan community. This day is not for talking about our work. This day is to remind people again and again that there is an organization whose volunteers, employees of departments (we have 18 of them in Lithuania), and managers are always ready to extend …

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Happy New Year !!!

Before the New Year, we often wish to leave the troubles and troubles of the past year, and the successes and joys for the new year. But it doesn’t happen like that. Everything will happen next year. Only we ourselves will be one year smarter. We will learn to look at adversity with greater wisdom, …

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Lithuanian Samaritans invite you to warm the Christmas of Ukrainian children

Do you know what is the most popular wish in the world this Christmas? So that there is no war. This wish will surely come true. But not now. And now Christmas can be warmer both here and in Ukraine, because kindness warms. And children, even in a war-torn country are children. We invite everyone …

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Salute to Samaritan volunteers

Lithuanian Samaritans taught to provide first aid: every person can save a life

The Society of Lithuanian Samaritans drew attention to the public’s lack of knowledge and skills when it comes to saving another person’s life in emergency situations. in 2022 on November 25-27, at the LITEXPO exhibition “Būkite svii”, professional doctors from Kaunas, Kėdainiai and Jonava, together with volunteers, taught and practically demonstrated to the visitors of …

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On June 18, 2022, the Samaritans gathered in Kėdainii to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the community. A considerable group of community members from various cities of Lithuania gathered. The mayor of the city, Valentinas Tamulis, also came to congratulate the Samaritans. They celebrated and thanked the Samaritans for their work. Welcome speeches were given …

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War in Ukraine

We can no longer (only) put into words what is happening in Europe. The war in Ukraine has forced all civilized people to speak briefly and to act in a coordinated, responsible and purposeful manner. The Lithuanian Samaritan Association met with the Samaritan communities operating in the EU countries, discussed the most important emphases of …

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January 25th Day of the Lithuanian Samaritan Community

The Lithuanian Samaritan Community is an organization that has been active for three decades and has more than a thousand volunteers. The organization started taking the first steps in Kelmė. In July 1991, on the initiative of Antanas Račas, a member of the Seimas of Light Memory elected in the district, who served on the …

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Older people are an equal part of society

In 2021, the Lithuanian Samaritan Community implemented the project “Older People – Equal Part of Society” funded by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania. Vilnius, Kaunas, Kaunas district, Klaipėda, Alytus, Telšiai, Jurbarkas, Pakruojis and Kelmė branches were involved in the activities of this project. There was a “Generation Health …

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