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Eaters are increasing, donors are decreasing

Šiauliai region portal https://www.skrastas.lt/aktualijos/valgytoju-daugeja-aukotoju-mazeja 2022-10-20 Regina MUSNECKIENĖ The Food Bank campaign organized these days, when customers were asked to buy and donate products in stores, did not make the beneficiaries too happy. This year the donation is more modest. The most fun days of zeppelins In the canteen of the Kelmė branch of the Lithuanian …

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Hydrangea for our Kelmei

It is already becoming a tradition to plant hydrangeas in Kelmė every spring. Various organizations are participating in the campaign. The campaign is organized and brought together by Janina Skeberdienė, a member of the district municipal council. We Samaritans are also involved. We made our contribution to the decoration of the city of Kelmė.

Support for Samaritans and firefighters in Ukraine

The Samaritans of Kelmė, in cooperation with the volunteer fire brigade of Kelmė district, took a bus full of humanitarian aid to the Ukrainians. We went to the Polish city of Rzeszow in two. Saulius Mockus, chairman of the LSB Samaritan Division, and Edvardas Globys, an employee of the Fire and Rescue Service. We took …

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In the attic of kindness in the Kelmė branch of the LSB

The local press writes about our attic on the front page. Newspaper “Bičiulis”, February 26, 2022. (Rita Ščiglinskienė) Article text: In the attic of kindness Saulius Mockus, the chairman of the Kelmė branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan Community, invited him to take a look around the newly equipped premises in the Kelmė Samaritan Community House. …

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The people of Kelmiškis had to take into account both this slogan of the Lithuanian Samaritan community and the good work done by the members of the Kelmė branch, as it is not a one-time flash of any action, but a constant, targeted support to the people of the district. More recently, we have invited …

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A Christmas surprise for the Samaritans of Kelmė

After the festive hustle and bustle, just before the New Year, the Samaritans of Kelmiai received gifts from their Samaritan organization ASB Stormarn-Segeberg in Germany. Until recently, the Mercedes Sprinter bus that served them. He came full of various toys for children, nursing equipment, protective helmets for Kelmė firefighters. Egidijus Ūksas, the deputy mayor of …

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