Social support points

LSB Vilnius Branch
LSB Kaunas District Branch
LSB Zarasai Branch
LSB Jurbarkas Region Branch
LSB Kaunas Branch Branch
LSB Ukmergė Branch
LSB Kelmė Branch
LSB Radviliškis Branch
LSB Pakruojis Branch
LSB Šiauliai Branch
LSB Klaipėda Branch
LSB Marijampolė Branch

Social care services

LSB Vilnius branch
LSB Kaunas branch
LSB Kaunas district branch

First aid training

LSB Vilnius branch
LSB Kaunas branch
LSB Ukmergė branch
LSB Šiauliai branch

Children’s House


Charity canteens

LSB Jurbarkas Region Charity Canteen
LSB Kelmė Charity Canteen
LSB Marijampolė Charity Canteen
LSB Kaunas Food Distribution Point

Day centers

LSB Vilnius branch children and elderly day center
LSB Jurbarkas branch children and elderly day centers
LSB Ukmergė branch children and elderly day employment centers
LSB Kaunas branch children’s day centers in Tabariškės and Šilenava
LSB Kelmė branch children’s day centers in Kelmė and
Tytuvėnai day center
LSB Klaipeda branch youth and seniors employment center “Flowering tree”


LSB Klaipeda branch medical equipment rental

We teach first aid!

Public institutions established by the Lithuanian Samaritan Community are accredited with licenses issued by the State Accreditation Service for Health Care under the Ministry of Health. Listeners have the opportunity to acquire not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills, 2008 January 28th by order no. V-69 approved programs. Lectures are given by licensed teachers. Certificates are issued.

LSB Vilnius branch. Tel .: 8-679-58335 (Rima Žagelienė).
Ukmergės Health Center in Ukmergė. Tel .: 8-611-20915 or 8-340-52597 (Janina Stankaitienė).
LSB Marijampolė First Aid Training Center. Tel .: 8-630-42194 (Silvija Dranžilauskaitė).
LSB Kaunas branch. Tel .: 8-686-37248 (Mindaugas Vėlyvis).

We guarantee the quality of service. Service prices are negotiable.

We care at home and provide housework!

Our nurses:
– Perform nursing procedures;
– Helps to ensure the patient’s hygienic needs;
– Carries out doctor’s appointments;
– Purchases and prepares food, feeds patients;
– Provides mobility assistance;
– Takes care of patients and their relatives;
– Provides legal advice;
– Performs technical work.

Services are provided by certified nursing professionals. We guarantee the quality of services and patient safety. Service prices are negotiable. Discounts are given to socially disadvantaged people.