Implementation of the project “Good emotional mental health – the real power of leadership”

Šiauliai branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan community in 2023 implemented the project “Good emotional mental health – the real power of a leader” financed by Šiauliai city municipality. The main goal of the project is to strengthen the emotional and mental health of teenagers and young people, involving as many young people as possible in active activities, developing leadership and social-emotional intelligence. In order to achieve this goal, engaging lectures were organized on the topics of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, development of social skills, and leadership. Lecturers gave lectures on various topics. One of them is “What is my self-esteem and self-image?” In this lecture, young people looked into their self-image, strengthened their personal self-esteem and looked for ways to properly shape their personality. Another lecture “How do I feel in the team?” Essential principles of team formation” made it possible to work in a team, to recognize one’s strengths and aspects to be improved. The principles of team formation helped to perform practical tasks in teams, to try new methods and methods, to make decisions, to be more confident in oneself and others. During the summative lecture “How does my emotional-spiritual health relate to leadership?”, practical, self-reflection tasks encouraged young people to look for connections between their emotional-spiritual health and leadership. During all meetings, teenagers and young people not only listened to lectures, but also completed practical tasks. Each young person could get to know himself better, communicate with his peers, and look for ways to cooperate with other young people. The acquired methodological materials and tools will help to further strengthen the emotional and mental health of young people, create opportunities for young people to continue activities and join support groups, to form responsible and active young people who take responsibility for themselves and the community.

Danutė KRATUKIENĖ, chairperson of the Šiauliai branch

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