Kindness Week Events “Kindness Swings on Angel’s Wings”

Article from Šiauliai Julius Janonis Gymnasium website

2021 “Kindness Week” took place in the gymnasium on December 20-23. These four days were meant to remember those around us and feel the spirit of Christmas.

Monday is the day of the gift. Throughout the school, Samaritans laid out baskets of candy and students were invited to take the candy and give it to a friend.

Tuesday is Christmas Day. A poster hung on the front door on which high school students could write greetings and wishes to the school community. The young Samaritans also sent Christmas cards to the high school teachers and seniors.

Wednesday is a day of compliments. Everyone was able to compliment themselves and make others happy. There was also a concert that day.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. This day was dedicated to remembering the word thank you – thank you to those around you.

Throughout the week, classes donated stationery and provided financial support to the Children’s Day Centers run by the gymnasium. After the holidays, the Samaritans went to the day centers of Šiauliai Cathedral and Save the Children and delighted the children with gifts.

The young Samaritan Rugilė Ramoškaitė


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