In the attic of kindness in the Kelmė branch of the LSB

The local press writes about our attic on the front page.
Newspaper “Bičiulis”, February 26, 2022. (Rita Ščiglinskienė)

Article text:

In the attic of kindness

Saulius Mockus, the chairman of the Kelmė branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan Community, invited him to take a look around the newly equipped premises in the Kelmė Samaritan Community House. He said: it is extremely fun that there are many wonderful and kind people in the ranks of the Samaritans who follow the motto of the entire Lithuanian Samaritan organization – “Let’s hurry to do good”. Thanks to the efforts of the Samaritans of Kelmė, in cooperation with the field gallery of Jurgita and Andrius Seselskas AJJU, the “Attic of Kindness” appeared in the house of the Samaritan Community of Kelmė.

The “Attic of Kindness” is a space where coffee and tea will be served, sharing not only the cake, but also thoughts, ideas about the Samaritans’ current and future activities, work, and the role of the family in all of our lives. Jurgita and Andrius Seselskai say that today’s period and the surrounding environment have a huge impact on a person’s understanding of what family means to him. Because of it, a person can become strong not in a physical but in a spiritual sense. The family can cultivate the feeling that only when your family members are happy and you feel happy yourself. In the Attic of Kindness, we want to create a family environment, share goodness through art and solve social problems. And Saulius Mockus, the chairman of the Kelmė branch of the LSB, reminds that the houses of the Samaritan community in Kelmė are also called the community houses of the district.

During our visit, drawing lessons took place in the attic with the artist Andrius Seselskas. The children drawing with the artist said that it was an honor for them to spend drawing hours with a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union, an artist-illustrator, hearing his advice on drawing and illustrating books. Andrius Seselskas says that in the “Attic of Kindness”, anyone who wants to is trying to draw. Practitioners of all ages or just trying to draw are welcome. A drawing teacher must be not only an expert in his field, but also a psychologist, a philosopher, then he will be able to teach a person who does not have any talent at first to draw. You always have to look deeper. One needs to open the door to the creative world.

An exhibition of illustrated books and paintings by Andrius Seselskas is available at the Attic of Goodness, which can be purchased for the Samaritans.

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