LSB Kelmė branch joined the project “Complex services (KOPA)”

The Kelmė branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan community joined the project “Complex services (KOPA)” no. 07-007-P-0001 and together with the project manager – the European Social Fund Agency – and other social service institutions in Lithuania will provide complex services to the family.

Complex services for the family include:

  • individual and/or group counseling for persons experiencing difficulties in their personal life and/or family;
  • organizing and conducting mutual support groups for persons who have experienced difficulties in their personal life and/or family;
  • organizing and conducting social skills groups for children and teenagers;
  • parenting training;
  • family mediation;
  • family counseling at a person’s (family’s) home – counseling at a person’s (family’s) home after the birth of a baby, when a disability and/or special needs have been identified for a person;
  • shuttle services for individuals (families) receiving complex services;
  • childcare services, when other complex services are provided to parents.

These services are intended to help individuals, families and communities avoid possible social problems and social risks, by developing and strengthening the abilities of individuals to independently solve social problems and maintain social relations with society. The project is implemented with 67 project partners (social institutions), which provide comprehensive services in 60 municipalities.

It is planned that complex services will be provided to 80,126 persons by 2029. Out of them, 800 unique persons are planned to receive services in the municipality of Kelmė district.

In Kelmė district municipality, services will be provided in Community Family Houses of Kelmė district.

 📆 Project duration: 2023 June – 2029 July

💎 Project financing amount: EUR 60,018,043.84. Up to EUR 586,129.80 has been allocated from the project to the Kelmė branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan Community .

The project is financed in 2021-2027. European Union structural support “European Social Fund +” and 2021-2027 European Union structural support with co-financing funds.

More information about the project:…/kompleksines-paslaugos/1139


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