The people of Kelmiškis had to take into account both this slogan of the Lithuanian Samaritan community and the good work done by the members of the Kelmė branch, as it is not a one-time flash of any action, but a constant, targeted support to the people of the district. More recently, we have invited you to “Kindness Days”, now we have given walkers to those who really need them: as many as 45 walkers have been given – mostly to seniors or those waiting for knee or hip surgery. Such a beautiful job would not have been possible without the Samaritans of the German ASB RV Stormarn-Segeberg who brought them, without the Samaritan volunteers from Kelmiškis, who washed, cleaned and tidied up the walkers. S. Mockus, the chairman of the association of Kelmė branch, is also happy with the nice cooperation with Kelmė St. Parish of the Assumption of Mary: kleb. dec. liturg. lic. Mindaugas Grigalius announced this campaign during the services, and allowed a tent to be erected in the cemetery – the weather did not pamper the volunteers.

There are many more beautiful ideas in the Samaritans’ plans: children and young people are still waiting for board games, and so on. distribution of toys, other help and support work for the elderly.

It is up to Kelmiškis to follow our ads and share information.


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