Support for Samaritans and firefighters in Ukraine

The Samaritans of Kelmė, in cooperation with the volunteer fire brigade of Kelmė district, took a bus full of humanitarian aid to the Ukrainians. We went to the Polish city of Rzeszow in two. Saulius Mockus, chairman of the LSB Samaritan Division, and Edvardas Globys, an employee of the Fire and Rescue Service. We took more than a day to travel. Rzeszów is about 800 km from Kelmė. There we had a brief conversation with the representatives of Ukraine, who came to pick up support and travel back.

During the war in Ukraine and seeing firefighters extinguishing day and night, they were missing ammunition, we gave them help. Our firefighters were transporting special suits from the Dutch city of Hardenberg to protect Ukraine from chemical weapons. For Ukrainians, this is significant support as Putinists are trying to occupy nuclear power plants in Ukraine. We also carried our charity, which the people brought to the Samaritan headquarters on February 27th.

The situation in Ukraine is very tense. We communicated with representatives from Western Ukraine. There is now a huge influx of people there because there is no war going on in this area. In addition, people who are preparing to leave for safe foreign countries are flocking to the western part of Ukraine. The people of Ukraine want access to the safer countries of the European Union next to it to be as easy as possible.

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