Reporting electoral meeting

The last Saturday of April is both busy and joyful for Lithuanian Samaritans. We all met in Kelme. Reporting electoral meeting. We listened to the financial reports, reports of the president of LSB and elected two new members of the Board. The points of trust of the Lithuanian Samaritan community have left…. Vilija Toliušienei (Klaipėda Samaritan Community) and Sonata Stonkuta (Samaritans of Kaunas). We congratulate, rejoice and trust.

And when meeting friends from all the cities and towns of Lithuania, disperse immediately after the meeting? Well, not anymore – friends don’t act like that. We were awaited by the most beautiful tracks of Kelme with hundreds of paintings and the AJJU outdoor gallery, as well as a bus in which the works told the whole life of a person. Thanks to Jurgita and Andriis Seselskas. And after a walk? Of course, all the friends talked, communicated and were happy for a long time: the Lithuanian Samaritans are a team. They are always in a hurry to do good, and being part of SUCH a team is really good.

Thanks to Saulius Mock for the well-organized event and to the members of the Kelmė branch of the Lithuanian Samaritans community for not being afraid to host such a group of Samaritans and trying to make us all feel at home.

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