Our day

The calendar page today (January 25) reminds everyone about the Lithuanian Samaritan community. This day is not for talking about our work. This day is to remind people again and again that there is an organization whose volunteers, employees of departments (we have 18 of them in Lithuania), and managers are always ready to extend a hand to the elderly, disabled, and people who have not passed the tests of fate.

We are in a hurry! We are in a hurry to help the lonely. We hurry to feed the hungry. We are in a hurry to bring joy to children in Children’s Day Centers. We rush to the aid of persons who fled the horrors of war and provide assistance to those who remain in Ukraine. We are in a hurry to do good!

The calendar reminds you that almost one and a half thousand volunteers are ready to rebuild their shoulder so that you have something to lean on.

With the Day of Kindness, we congratulate everyone: the Samaritans themselves and those people for whom the Samaritans are already a support in their lives and those who have not yet dared to ask for help. We need each other very much.

President of the Lithuanian Samaritan Society Sonata


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