Goodness always favors the wind

On January 25, the day of the Lithuanian Samaritan community, he gave windmills to his partners and said: “Goodness is always favored by the wind.” On January 27, the wind of kindness “brought” all the Samaritans to Jurbarkas. It’s never boring in the company of good people, so this meeting was full of stories about the work done, laughter, warm hugs and thanks.

On the occasion of the Samaritan Community Day, the sign of the Good Samaritan was presented to Saulius Mock, chairman of LSB Kelmė branch, Jolita Stankaitiene, chairman of LSB Ukmergės branch, volunteers of LSB Šiauliai branch Regina Urniežiene and Izolina Natalija Lingiene. The badge of honor is awarded for active Samaritan activity, good works carried out for at least ten years. Congratulations again colleagues.

And during the gathering, we congratulated the chairman of the Jurbarkas branch, Kristina Vančienė, who celebrated her beautiful, mature anniversary that day.

Community blooms only when it is nurtured with care.

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