War in Ukraine

We can no longer (only) put into words what is happening in Europe. The war in Ukraine has forced all civilized people to speak briefly and to act in a coordinated, responsible and purposeful manner.

The Lithuanian Samaritan Association met with the Samaritan communities operating in the EU countries, discussed the most important emphases of assistance to the people of Ukraine and has already started working.

Samaritans from all over Europe are concentrating their efforts to help the countries, Ukraine’s neighbors (Poland, Romania, etc.), which are currently being visited by people fleeing the war. The support package is large: clothes, food, hygiene items, volunteers, money.

At the same time, intensive preparations are under way to receive the Ukrainian people in the countries to which they will arrive later (Lithuania, Latvia, etc.). The Lithuanian Samaritan Community, in cooperation with other NGOs, is doing everything possible to ensure that the arriving Ukrainians can settle in Lithuania comfortably.

Ways are also being sought to provide support to the Samaritan community in Ukraine to help those remaining in the war zone.

There was no time left for conversations. All that remains is the determination and ambition of all of us to help the people of Ukraine.

Everyone who wants to contribute to the Lithuanian Samaritans with their work, money or items and at the same time help the people of Ukraine, we invite you to contact the LSB branch in your district, city.

Or to the Lithuanian Samaritan Community by phone: +370 614 54563
E- mail email: info@lietuvossamarieciai.lt

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