Lithuanian Samaritans taught to provide first aid: every person can save a life

The Society of Lithuanian Samaritans drew attention to the public’s lack of knowledge and skills when it comes to saving another person’s life in emergency situations. in 2022 on November 25-27, at the LITEXPO exhibition “Būkite svii”, professional doctors from Kaunas, Kėdainiai and Jonava, together with volunteers, taught and practically demonstrated to the visitors of the exhibition how to provide first aid.

 “In Lithuania, there are still painful cases when people around you get lost in an accident and don’t know how to act to save a person’s life. Society lacks knowledge and skills, so we see the sense of sharing experience and thus contributing to improving the situation”, says Sonata Patkauskaitė, President of the Lithuanian Samaritan Community. “Life saving training took place at the stand of the Lithuanian Samaritans for three days, licensed doctors and volunteers were constantly on duty and taught life saving at the stand.”

At the exhibition, visitors were invited to stop for a few minutes at the stand of the Lithuanian Samaritans. In just a few minutes, we introduced the visitors to how it is possible to give a person a second chance at life at the right time. Volunteers and doctors taught, showed what to do, how to provide help to a person in case of suffocation, heart attack, stroke and other life-threatening cases, or how to act and help a drowning, electrocuted or severely injured person.

While participating in the exhibition, we reminded the public that the Lithuanian Samaritan Community is an organization that has been operating throughout Lithuania for more than 30 years, and one of its main functions is first aid training for the public.

This initiative of the Lithuanian Samaritans community was supported and supported by the socially responsible company “Laidotuvių uvių centras”, whose director Agnė Kirkickaitė said: “If we provide timely and proper first aid, we will avoid the painful losses that we, who provide funeral services, face every day. We gladly contribute to social projects that protect human life. Let’s cherish each other!”

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