On June 18, 2022, the Samaritans gathered in Kėdainii to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the community. A considerable group of community members from various cities of Lithuania gathered. The mayor of the city, Valentinas Tamulis, also came to congratulate the Samaritans. They celebrated and thanked the Samaritans for their work. Welcome speeches were given by representatives of departments. We were all happy that the community has been alive and developing for a long time.

During the commemoration, Dovilė Pašakinskienė, Genovaitė Karvelienė, Vida Sereikienė, Valė Šerkšniovienė and Laima Juselienė were awarded medals of the Samaritan. Medals are awarded for meritorious work in the Lithuanian Samaritan Community.

So we congratulate each other and are happy about our achievements and work done.


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