Jubilee meeting of Samaritans in Šiauliai

2022 On January 28, a meeting of the Samaritans took place at the Pastoral Center of Šiauliai Diocese. This meeting was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Samaritans of the Šiauliai branch. Sonata Patkauskienė, President of the Lithuanian Samaritan Association, senior Samaritans and young Samaritans came to the celebration. The meeting began with a kankle show, after which the students played a parable of the Good Samaritan, showing who the Samaritan is and what its real meaning is: hurrying to do good to the people in distress.

The President of the Samaritan Organization gave a congratulatory speech wishing not to get tired, to witness the love of his neighbor with his works, and to thank the Samaritans of Šiauliai. The seniors shared their memories of the meaningful activities of the Samaritans. He remembered that the Samaritans of Šiauliai provided assistance during the Second World War and that a large number of Samaritans in Europe to this day are paramedics. The older Samaritans rejoiced in the beautiful works of the younger Samaritans, wished for determination, a Samaritan spirit, and youthful enthusiasm. Young Samaritans are not only in our gymnasium, but also in Šiauliai Song and Romuva progymnasiums.

It was a cozy and meaningful evening where generations of old and young Samaritans met with words of gratitude and encouragement to travel the world with a compassionate heart and a sense of pride.

Young Samaritan Ąžuolas Zavaliauskas


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